Since 1993

Immersive Experience

RIVAL TAG as created by, leading NERF games organizer in Singapore.

Our vision is create immersive gun battle experience, with a reliable way of scoring. Check out video feature to see how other people have played RIVAL TAG.

With accurate NERF RIVAL guns, and as Velcro Bullets that sticks onto players, we're sure that you'll memorable time with us!


RIVAL TAG is a gun battle game played with NERF RIVAL guns, which are more accurate & powerful, ideal for >14 years old.

Velcro Bullets

Players shoot round Velcro bullets to tag each other in the battle games. These bullets are made of foam, thus safe & painless.

Velcro Vest

Each player will wear a Velcro Vest, so that when a Velcro Bullet sticks on, we know who's been shot! Comes in red & blue colors.

Since 1993

Velcro Bullets Tagging

Wonder how the Velcro Bullets will stick onto players in a RIVAL TAG game? Check out this quick 10 secs video to find out.

The bullets stick on rather strongly, don't fall off just because you jumped or something, allowing us to referee the game reliably.

Ready To Play

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