Here, we answer the most common questions that being asked.
If you can't find answer to question, please feel free to contact us.

What ages can play RIVAL TAG?

Anyone of good health above 14 years old can play RIVAL TAG!

Can you organize a game at my venue?

Yes, definitely! We can transport all the necessary equipment down to your venue. Please share with us venue details first, so that we can see if it's suitable for running RIVAL TAG game.

Is it painful to get shot?

We have great news for you. Even if you get shot on your bare-skin, it's virtually painless. Unlike Paintball, RIVAL TAG has no pain and no paint! But players do have to wear safety glasses just in case.

Why Velcro Bullets?

With Velcro Bullets that can stick onto players, we are able to tell who got shot and our game referees can judge the game fairly.

How many players can you accommodate?

We have organized events for small groups, such as 10 pax, up to huge groups of 300 pax! Contact us and we will work out a suitable package for you.